Paul V.  

Eddena was the whole reason I was able to get a job bartending at all, and a pretty good one at that! Dee, you're the best!

Shelly B.

I think "Dee" is the very best and I would highly recommend her teaching. She used practical teaching methods in a fun atmosphere to learn a great trade. If its just for mixology interest or employment opportunities Eddena  should be your instructor!

Bartending 101 Classes

Edgar I.

I have learned my bartending skills from Eddena  one of the best in the industry, she is honest and very helpful in every possible way. She notices the little things that we do and her feedback helped me become the bartender I am today 😀

Customize classes to your schedule!

DeGruv Liquid Catering & Events now introduce our private bartender classes and offer on job training.

   That means we come to you or provide pop up bartending classes with complete bar setups and you learn all the popular and classic drinks, customer service and bar techniques. I will teach you trade secrets and a couple of cool flair tricks. And so much more


    The lessons I teach you, will be a skill you can use all over the world!! Each Student receives a Bartender handbook with a ton of recipes and bartending lessons.  I would have a MAST class schedule available to get you licensed.

You can also have the oppurtunity to bartend at DeGruv for experience (space is limited). If interested send me a email message to get information on class times and locations. (serious inquires only).

Great for companies also, we teach how to upsell and the importance of knowing your menu! Great for parties!

Great for bringing additional income!

I have taught over 800 students my craft professionally.

We do offer online classes everywhere and we will work together live, on a one on one bases.

Military discounts available!




Laura L.

Eddena was my bartending instructor 5 years ago at the Bartending college ~ She was Incredible to work with and VERY POSITIVE!!!! She made class and contents easily to learn and remember- VERY Positive experience ~ Extremely knowledgable about her Craft and willing to enlighten a willing student eager to learn!  <3  <3  <3 THANX again Eddena! Congrads on your new Business adventure ~ I Look forward to watching your Business Grow!!!!

Cheers with Much Love, Laura ;`)~

Donny K.

I highly recommend Eddena! Eddena was my mixology teacher at Seattle Bartending College; combining humor with her wealth of experience and knowledge, my experience was fantastic!

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Bartending Class

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Don H.

 Eddena  was my teacher, she was great making the process fun, teaching recipes and processes, as well as giving endless tips and trade secrets to help handle the many things that pop up in the bartending profesion. Anyone can do it with the right instructor.